Lost Wheels Motorcycle Club

                    1974- 2018  and On!


The Lost Wheels Motorcycle Club is a nationally recognized motorcycle club located in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State.  Established in 1974, it brings motorcyclists together for friendship, fun and the love of riding.  Our meetings take place at the Elks Lodge in Beacon, NY.  If you are interested in becoming a member contact us at  mail@lostwheels.com

The objectives of the Lost Wheels Motorcycle Club are to promote interest in and encourage participation in a wide range of motorcycle activities such as safety, races, trips, lessons and any other group participation activities. 

Lost Wheels MC tries to promote a positive image of the motorcycle community to the general public with emphasis on such areas as safe riding, helping the community and general courtesy.  We are an  American Motorcyclists Association (AMA) club.

Lost Wheels Motorcycle Club

P.O. Box 699, Glenham, NY 12527



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Photo Below:  LWMC members who received their “Finisher Patches” for the

2017 Ramapo 500.  Steve, Jim and Steve!  Congratulations!